Thursday, 17 July 2014

Statement Crazy!

Whilst i was having a spring clean, i came across all my statement necklaces which were pretty much all over the place. I didn't realise how many i had, which obviously meant I could wear all the plain jane outfits without worrying about being too boring... necklaces to the rescue! They are simply amazing, right girls? I didn't damage my bank account that much seeing as most of them were given to me by my sister (oh the perks haha). I thought I would share a few of my favourites, i'll try to link where they are from if i can remember - most likely won't as I have the biggest fish brain ever :( 
I had my necklaces stored in makeup bags i no longer used which was a mistake, they got tangled like crazy. So i decided to actually make use of the compartments in my wardrobe and recently purchased an accessory hanger from Primark (£2). I have to admit it has done the job well, i'm impressed. 

Below are my top three necklaces! 

Primark £3 

It may be a Zara piece. I'm not sure sorry! 

Again I'm not sure sorry guys! 

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