Monday, 25 August 2014

When life gives you lemons.. Make the most of it!

As much as I love lemons they are great for many things. Three things I love using lemons for besides eating them are listed below! 

1. Lemons are great for an itchy/dry scalp. Cut a lemon in half and massage it in a circular motion into your scalp, work it section by section to get right to the roots. It is kind of like an exfoliant which will get rid of the dead skin and itchiness. Leave it for a half an hour then rinse thoroughly. Doing this twice a week will help! 

2. Those dreaded red spots that appear, girls you feel me? Your answer is lemons. Dab a cotton bud into a slice of lemon and attack that monster.. (Gently). I would do this at night and leave overnight or for an hour. The redness and size of the spot will be significantly reduced in the morning! 

3. Detox. Yep, drinking lemon water will help reduce bloating and lose a few pounds. There are two options. You can either leave a slice of lemon in hot water and drink it first thing in the morning to kick start your metobalism OR cut a lemon into slices and leave it to soak in a bottle/jug of water overnight in the fridge (You can also limes, mints and cucumbers). Drink this during the day and even though you may be using the bathroom a lot I can personally say this has helped me along with exercising and eating the right things!  

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